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Japanese for Busy People: Kana [With CD (Audio)]: 1

Japanese for Busy People

Japanese For Busy People I

ISBN 10 : 1568363990
ISBN 13 : 9781568363998

A workbook designed to meet the needs of students who have studied Japanese but cannot yet speak it comfortably. The lessons and short dialogues in this workbook are intended to ma..

Japanese For Busy People I

ISBN 10 : 4770030347
ISBN 13 : 9784770030344

Japanese For Busy People Workbook is a Kodansha International publication...

Japanese For Busy People

ISBN 10 : 1568364040
ISBN 13 : 9781568364049

The Workbook for the Revised 3rd Edition of Japanese for Busy People III offers readers longer and more complex reading passages familiarize you with new vocabulary and the convent..

Japanese For Busy People

ISBN 10 : 1568363842
ISBN 13 : 9781568363844

Includes a unit structure whereby thematically linked lessons are grouped together to make learning Japanese easier and expanded exercises that go beyond substitution drills and ge..

Japanese For Young People I

ISBN 10 : 1568364245
ISBN 13 : 9781568364247

A comprehensive course for teaching Japanese to young adults in English-speaking countries -- from The Association for Japanese-Language Teaching (AJALT), developers of the renowne..

Japanese Kanji Made Easy

ISBN 10 : 9781462914944
ISBN 13 : 1462914942

This highly-visual book introduces an effective new method to learn over 1,000 Japanese kanji characters using visual stimuli and pictographs. Learning the fundamental kanji charac..